Minimalist, journalist and music enthusiast from Orange County, California.

With well over 17 stories for Cal State University, Long Beach’s Daily 49er under my belt and 15 weeks of blogging about environmental education at the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach, I am well on my way to accumulating a set of versatile and engaging communications skills which I hope to apply to promoting global equity, animal rights and gender deconstruction. My contributions to the Long Beach Union Weekly and Fembot magazine also reflect some of my values. 

Between juggling journalism coursework and internships, you can find me squatting with my Canon on the Beatnik Bandito Emporium floor and critiquing neoliberalist discourse at 3 a.m. in hole-in-the-wall diners.

Click here to download my resume and offer me a job that will pay Los Angeles’ astronomical rent. 

© Illustration by the ever amazing Kirsten Schultz