Minimalist, journalist and music enthusiast from Orange County, California.

The verbose albeit un-prolific author behind this blog is none other than a small, sleepy journalism major trying to make the most out of her subsidized college education. While she currently works as a copyeditor for 22 West Magazine and a buyer for a vintage shop, she hopes to be a storyteller, in any or all mediums. 

This blogger is perpetually on crusades against the following: consumerism, gender constructs, animal exploitation, global inequality and people that walk slow.

In her spare time she enjoys turning books from her childhood into doomed-to-fail, non-budget-friendly, avant garde movie musicals. She also enjoys sleeping. 

Download Lola’s resume and offer her a job that will allow her to afford the bourgeois urban apartment of her dreams.

© Illustration by the ever amazing doodler Kirsten Schultz