Music Go Music-Impressions

tumblr_inline_naf665F1SB1ql3ax6Five years after their debut, the trio known as Music Go Music finally bring more drama and disco to the dance floor.

The phrase “sonic landscape” gets thrown around a lot, but with Music Go Music it feels like you are actually physically looking across that landscape. The guitars and percussion gallop across like they’re on a mission, the keyboards shimmer like a sunset on the horizon, and Meredith Metcalf’s glorious voice serves as a guide.

The music itself is quite interesting, full of 70s and 80s influences (“People All Over The World”, “Nite After Nite”) but with a modern sheen. It teeters between simple dance music and something more avant garde and sometimes that teetering is frustrating: the instruments sound like they carry a lot of potential, yet don’t fully develop it. For example, the guitar solos in ”Love Is All I Can Hear” and “Shine Down Forever” definitely lack an oomph factor. But in “Part Of Me” the guitar proves it has personality, underscoring the darker attitude of the song with a dangerous urgency. The sound is all there, it just needs to be cranked up a notch to become something a little more than just a disco throwback.


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