Electric Wurms-Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk

tumblr_inline_naf67dHEOG1ql3ax6Take a couple of weirdos from the Flaming Lips and a couple of weirdos from Nashville and you get music that is far out-very, very far out.

Wayne Coyne (now on bass), Steven Drozd (on vocals) and psych rock band Linear Downfall didn’t seem to have any particular goal in mind when piecing together the psych-prog conglomeration that is their side project’s debut. The majority of the album is-for lack of a better word-noise; noise that flits, bends, and bounces in a seemingly endless space. The backgrounds are constant-an eerie wail on “The Bat”, some looped drums on “Living” (a pale comparison to the tribelike beats of “I Could Only See Clouds” and Transform!!!”). Drozd’s vocals are drawn out like wisps of smoke and the guitar fuzz sounds like it’s trying to knife the whole thing apart, giving the music near tangibility and proudly living up to its name-music that’s hard to twerk to (u mad, Miley?).

“Heart Of The Sunrise” is the overall high point of the album, a nod to the prog rock gods of Yes and another great cover by the Wurms (see: “Fixing A Hole”). The snarly textures add a modern depth, the “Sharp, distance…” part has gorgeous tension, and Drozd’s voice is all Anderson.


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