The Vines-Wicked Nature

tumblr_inline_nbmhcvizcO1ql3ax6Craig Nicholls is so grunge it hurts.

Just when it seemed like everyone had abandoned the Vines, the last founding member returned with more bulldozing guitars and sing along outbursts. Maybe he can’t help it-with the roughness of Kurt Cobain and the sneer of Scott Weiland, it’s impossible to escape the comparisons, but then again, he doesn’t seem to be trying.

A formula repeats itself for 22 tracks: the sludgy jaggedness of songs like “Psychomatic” and “Rave It” are constantly countered by a Britpop sleekness. “Reincarnation” and ”Anything You Say” are handclaps and hazy ahhhs galore-try keeping these song off your road trip playlist.

Slow minimalism also serves the Vines well. “Killin the Planet” makes its point with its lazy apathy and Nirvana-esque drawl. The ahhhhhhs in ballads “Fly Away” and “Clueless” sound less calculated and more real, and you get the feeling Nicholls is singing with his eyes closed.

Wicked Nature’s got some cool tunes, just maybe not two albums worth of them.


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