Wave Sleep Wave-Never Notice

tumblr_inline_nbsxzu7a1z1ql3ax6Wave Sleep Wave duo Yuvall Lion and Jerry Adler are all about minimal, sparsely layered sounds.

Jerry Adler (formerly of indie rockers the Blam and folk unit Flugente) has an understated yet enigmatic voice, perfect for punk rock storytelling. In opener “Pico”, he muses that “Tom thought we might be in love but we just like to fuck”, employing the same quiet restraint as Lou Reed but adding a modern touch-the electronic, complaining-R2D2 noise of the bridge.

The music is leisurely and endless for the most part, but the duo know how to add just the right amount of sonic disturbance. The guitar groans on “P. G.”, sounds like bagpipes on “Zero” and makes small, precise jabs into “Never Notice”. Yuvall Lion’s drumming spikes up the uninterrupted tempos from time to time, creating tension and throwing around splashes of cymbals. The careful concoction f sounds come together best on “Industry”, which sounds just like its name: doom-y bells, static-y tears of guitar, chaotic drumming and an overall bleak, harsh vibe.

Thanks guys, for reminding us that ‘minimalist’ doesn’t have to mean boring.


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