Weezer-Everything Will Be Alright In The End

tumblr_inline_ndm1o72ztH1ql3ax6Weezer fan back the sparks of their original glory, reviving their joyous abandon and ushering in a guitar giddy Cuomo.

We wonder if Weezer named their newest album for the fans. We wonder in if the lyrics-notably on “I’ve Had It Up To Here”-are meant to reflect on the past several years, when their innocent beginnings gave way to a faded superstardom. (“Don’t wanna be mass consumed, I’m not a happy meal/I tried to give my best to you but you put down your ears”, Cuomo complains.) Once lost but now found, Weezer have rediscovered themselves in an effortless, non-caricature-like way.

“Ain’t Got Nobody” whines about loneliness and alienation, “Foolish Father” gently advises against resentment and “Back To The Shack” throws back to the good ol’ times. Rain or shine the songs are sung to stirring, swooping choruses (although none can beat the thrill of “Eulogy For A Rock Band”). Also sharing a fondness for bright, catchy songs, Best Coast’s Bethany Costello makes the perfect partner for Cuomo on sunny ballad “Go Away”.

As for their dorky historical references and cheesy lyrics-alas, one can’t help but love them: “Da Vinci” describes a girl so mysterious that “Stephen Hawking can’t explain [her] and Rosetta Stone could not translate [her]” while the delicious tension and the staccato refrain in “Cleopatra” will keep you singing for days.

The last three songs form a suite, two of which are completely instrumental and give their new thicker, edgier guitar sound center stage. “Wasteland” begins like a Black Sabbath song and “Return to Ithaka”’s repetitive resilience gives a deservedly triumphant finish to the album-everything really does seem all right by the end.


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