Foo Fighters-Sonic Highways

tumblr_inline_nf44gzxLV51ql3ax6Dave Grohl is the ultimate fanboy. His fervor for expanding his musical knowledge and paying tribute to his idols never ends.This time around, he and his fellow Foos embarked on an educational road trip of the United States’ top music meccas to explore how different environments lead to different music. Destination:Chicago, Austin, Nashville, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Washington D.C.

The eight tracks of Sonic Highways revolve around recurring themes in the Foo Fighters repertoire: Grohl’s powerhouse voice singing rousing anthems of courage and defiance over ringing melodies and bludgeoning guitar notes.

Everything sounds natural and inspirational:the seamless style of “Something From Nothing”, the quasi-religious mantra of the second half of “What Did I Do?/God As My Witness”, and the exhausted sigh of acceptance in “I Am A River”.

His educational road trip may have satisfied Grohl’s curiosity but if Sonic Highways was meant to provide a musical diary of those travels-and, coupled with the documentary by the same name, it obviously did-it fails to do so. Nonetheless, the music is everything you except from the Foo Fighters: rock solid.


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