tumblr_inline_nejvfg5gwK1ql3ax6Hideout is the two-piece, long distance creation of guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Rodriguez and drummer Cory Stier. Put together through a series of exchanged demos, phone calls and hotel meetups, debut album Rookie is an easy, graceful ride through psychedelic nostalgia.

Stier’s restraint in the percussive department gives the songs a perfect backdrop to their Band of Horses-esque melodies and short twisting solos.

The most magic of their songs comes with a subtle Yes tinge, in spirit ore than virtousity. Opener “All I Want” interchanges sharp chords and jingly percussion with strummy guitars and ethereal, overlapping voices. “Neon Lighting” gives off the same feeling with its underlying melody, soft harmonies and dramatic chord changes.

One of the highlights of Rookie is its weird yet introverted keyboard, which makes an appearance on “Where You’ve Been“‘s interlude and bubbles furtively on guitar-lashing “Stubborn Child” and buzzy, aching “New Music”.

It may be their first release, but Hideout sure don’t sound like rookies.


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