Bella Novela-Telemetry

tumblr_inline_nfouxrLvFl1ql3ax6Telemtery is the delightfully authentic product of Bella Novela’s 70s metal fanaticism and outstanding musical abilities.

Jacob Heath, who plays guitar and bass, knows how to work his fingers around some intricate guitar passages, like the AC/DC-esque introduction to the opening track “Tko” and the solo on “Leave It All Behind”, which sounds almost Beethoven-inspired.

Providing the heavy metal thunder is drummer Jannea McClure, her drumsticks sounding like galloping, attacking horses on the way to battle; she gives the songs their strong purpose.

Exchanging shouting roles with McClure is lead singer Jackie Laws, who brings the fury of Ann Wilson into the fray, bellowing passionate, anthemic choruses 80% of the time (“Telemetry” and “Corazon”) and trying out a more soft, vulnerable approach on the other 20%, such as on antique-sounding,Latin-inflected ballad “Lenora” and closer “Catalina”.

No doubt, Bella Novela are definitely one of Long Beach, California’s best kept secrets and a must-hear for any classic rock fan.


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