tumblr_inline_ngyub0FEeI1ql3ax6Clash-like guitar riffs dance beside pop hooks on Sucker, Charli XCX’s nonstop party playlist.

Sucker opens up with its namesake song and a “Fuck you” chant that Charli bellows as a sarcastic right hook to those who ever doubted in her success. Her cheekiness is deliciously bratty and juvenile- “Breaking The Rules” finds her dancing atop a school bus and exploring a trashy lingerie shop; in “Breaking Up” she complains of her ex’s “ugly tattoo and cheap perfume”.

Charli breathes The Ramones and The Clash into the stuttering words of “London Queen”, more punk pop than pop punk. The 70s nostalgia extends to “Body of My Own”, bouncy and fevered with an Asian-infused chorus. Rollicking guitar chords and sing-a-longs exhilarate the drunken glory of “Famous” and the “Beverly Hills” stomp of “Hanging Around”.

Loud and fun, Charli knows how it’s done-who wouldn’t want to party with this girl?


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