Old House Playground-Stardance

tumblr_inline_nkgc0dv9mn1ql3ax6Two-piece band Old House Playground have come a long way-literally. The bluesy folk duo, made up of vocalist and guitarist Tryfon Lazos and drummer Andreas Venetantes, traveled all the way from Athens to Manchester in search of fresh inspiration. Their new ideas gave fruit to debut album God Damn That Gold, which seduced listeners with its drowsy blues guitar and Lazos’ powerful voice.

Two years later, Old House Playground have a new single for us. “Stardance” retains the duo’s heady combination of blues riff propulsion and powerful vocals, but presents it with a new and exciting freshness. The song is much less folksy; instead of ambling along casually, the guitar has more of a sexy bite to it, actually competing with Lazos’ voice instead of just accompanying him. “Stardance” is also more snappy and fun than their previous work, thanks to some hand claps (practically a default for bands at this point) and some celebratory bursts from the brass section.

Listen to “Stardance” on SoundCloud now and keep your eyes (and ears) open for the release of their new four-song EP.


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