Trevor’s Head-Otherside

Trevor’s Head sure like their metal, grunge and punk. The British rockers continue to pummel listeners’ ears with their sludgy, relentless riffs and rapid-fire drumming with their third release, EP Otherside.

Otherside opens up fast and furious, showcasing their bulldozing guitar sound lined with some higher pitched, buzzy melodic lines over it. The descending prechorus, drawling “I’m getting greedy, so fucking sleazy”, sounds inspired by grunge and leads into a chorus where the backup vocals soar behind the lead singer.

Cynical behemoth “A.I.” is more low and monotonous, with a riff that swaggers and staggers into a catchier refrain. The song slows down and an unexpected flute flutters around before a tight, writhing solo.

Although it ends somewhat abruptly, “The Rat” still has some nice wah wah guitar embellishment and a rapid sense of urgency. At regular intervals, the band throws out some rallying “hey!”’s that point to their punk influence.

“Start Something” is a more sluggish romp, seeming slowed down somehow but with a catchy arched chorus and an unfussy guitar solo. Midway, a section of yelling “Set you free!” brings back a sense of their eponymous debut.

“Nameless”, the bonus acoustic track, is refreshing from the start, if only because it isn’t as much of an assault on your ears as the previous songs. Fingerpicked guitar, subtle percussion, soulful harmonica, and some great vocals make it an excellent way to round off the album. The boisterous spirit isn’t all lost, though. The guitar becomes faster and more strummy and the lyrics-“One, two, three, four/Meet me at the door/I’m gonna fuck you, baby”-sound at odds with the lighter music in an almost humorous way.

Although a little less melodic and a lot denser than their previous releases, EP Otherside is still a fun, rough ride for any hard rock fan; the heavier direction they’re taking suits Trevor’s Head well.


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