“but gay marriage isn’t what god intended”


In lieu of gay marriage being legalized across the United States, my Facebook news feed has been plagued by devout Christians and their tacky photo-quote posts about how they don’t believe in gay marriage and that they deserve the same respect for their beliefs as gay people do, yada yada yada. Which is, firstly, bullshit, and secondly, a very poor analogy.

Being gay is not a ‘belief’-homosexuality is not some kind of philosophical movement or deviant cult. As has been repeated patiently by the gay community, sexuality is not a choice (if it were then I’d be kissing girls instead of maneuvering landmines of fuckboys). Religion is a choice; despite being highly institutionalized, there is still room within Christianity for people to interpret the Bible as they wish and even to reject outdated/atrocious aspects of its history in favor of progress. So, yeah, guys, you are making a conscious choice to deny people basic rights.

As for their request that their beliefs be respected-how about no. We’re not under any kind of obligation to respect everyone’s beliefs simply because they have them. No, I’m not going to respect your beliefs if they involve ignorance, weak logic and prejudice. I’ll respect you as a human being (as in I’ll resist the urge to smack you in the face).  I’ll respect that you don’t like cherries. I’ll respect that you wear sandals with socks. But I don’t have to respect what you say. And I don’t.

“Yes I still love you. Yes we are still friends. But no, I don’t think you should be able to get married to the person you love because I read in a book that you shouldn’t?? And obviously an old book deserves more respect than actual human beings??? Who’s with me???” Lol no one, please go home and rethink your morals.

(I’m aware I’ve committed ad hominem fallacies basically throughout this entire argument but I’m tired and annoyed and my point still stands ok.)


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