Tame Impala-Currents


Perfect pop melodies drown happily in a surrealist blanket of omnipresent beats, snap along rhythms and electronic influences.

Opening up with a Supremes throwback, Tame Impala set a precedent for their more groove-driven tracks. The seven minute opener also flirts with a lush violin bridge that dreamily transforms into an electronic one. As on this one, songs go underwater a lot, drums submerging into watery voids, Kevin Parker’s voice a strong swimmer.

The ethereal vibes seamlessly guide the entire album. Short song-bridgers like the 30-second “Gossip” resort to only a dainty, fairy-like fluttering, but although immediately forgettable, they’re excellent transitions.

Despite all its enveloping weirdness, Currents’ tracks are surprisingly dance friendly. Crisp snapping makes several cameos, like on the deceptively calm “Yes I’m Changing” and “The Moment”, which also features a warped, moaning guitar. Thicker, more prominent grooves step forward, like “‘Cause I’m A Man”’s buzzy, brassy guitar.

Currents’ proportions of old and new homogeneously mixed, making it feel nostalgic and modern at the same time.


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