Music Favorites-November & December 2015

These (typically) monthly Music Favorites posts are coming to you as a) a way of adding structure to my life now that I’m no longer hedged in by the semester clockwork of school and b) a quick and easy way to discuss the music I enjoyed without getting my lazy ass to struggle through writing an actual album review (if it wasn’t obvious by me posting reviews weeks after the album’s release date, I’m notoriously bad at it).

So here’s some shit I liked in November and December.

Like many others, I too was drawn towards Ellie Goulding after hearing her ethereal vocals on “Lights”, which climbed slowly but surely up the US charts. That was back in 2010 and after having mixed feelings about her previous work, I’m happy to say that my love for her is back. Delirium is just a good time, full of-here I go again with this phrase-infectious beats, huge hooks and non-stop energy. Keep killin’ it, Elle.

Listen to: “Keep On Dancin'”, “Around You”, “Codes”, “We Can’t Move To This”,

It’s common knowledge that Frank Zappa was a genius, so it’s no surprise that his spawn should have inherited some of that magic. This was my first time hearing son Dweezil (nice name), although apparently he’s  been active since 2006. To use a trite idiom, the apple doesn’t far from the tree; Via Zammata borrows a few tricks from daddy, but that doesn’t take away from his son’s own talent.

Listen to: “Rat Race”, “Dragon Master”, “Just the Way She Is”, “Hummin'”, “Malkovich”

After a few years of being the butt of every joke, Justin Bieber has about 80% redeemed himself (I still won’t forgive him for pissing in that janitor’s bucket). Purpose is reflective and vulnerable as an apology album should be. But, and here lies the surprise, it’s actually kinda good. People are starting to actually refer themselves as  Beliebers unironically, making comback 2015 a success.

Listen to: “Sorry”, “Love Yourself”, “Life Is Worth Living”,

I wouldn’t be dancing at 3am if it weren’t for Cee Lo Green and his latest Heart Blanche. The majority of it is funky and fabulous with just the right amount of cheesy thrown in. Then again, there’s that awkward thing where he allegedly slipped ecstasy into a woman’s drink, followed by some pretty atrocious tweets (“People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”), all of which he just brought up again. See: when your fave is problematic.

Listen to: “Est. 1908s”, “Mother May I”, “Music To My Soul”, “Race Against Time”,


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