Music Favorites-January 2016

Three words: Brendon. Urie’s. Voice. Panic! At the Disco has slowly petered out since the early 2000s (remember “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”?? Lol) but its last man standing is more than enough. Urie is a show unto himself, tackling Death of a Bachelor pretty much all on his own and creating a glitzy (occasionally gaudy), in-exhaustive album that doesn’t take pause until its finale: piano ballad “Impossible Year”.

Listen to: “Death of a Bachelor”, “Crazy =Genius”, “Golden Days”

I love T Rex. I love Ty Segall. Ty Rex, Ty Segall’s collection of T Rex covers is absolute candy for my ears. Segall nails every possible aspect: the sexy sneer of the bluesier tracks, the fierce, wild abandon of classic “20th Century Boy”. Segall might as well become a Marc Bolan impersonator after this fuzzed out perfection of a cover album.

Listen to: “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart”, “20th Century Boy”, “The Slider”

David Bowie’s dead and I’m nearly a month too late in providing any sort of tribute, but I will say, boy am I glad he stuck around for one last album. During the latter half of his career, Bowie toggled between mainstream-friendly tunes and his more experimental endeavors, Blackstar being the latter. If you’re into this kind of stuff, tune in for prophetic death lyrics and deliciously off-kilter drumming.

Listen to: “Blackstar”, “Girl Loves Me”, “Lazarus”

In another case of “when your fave is problematic”, Megadeth simultaneously delight and disgust with Dystopia. The thrash legends are back on track after 2013’s poorly received Super Collider, but some of the lyrics are perhaps better left unsaid. “Post American World” has one of the gnarliest riffs on the album but garners unease upon realizing Mustaine’s guttural voice is demanding, “Why cower to all those who oppose the American world?”

Listen to: “Post American World”, “Poisonous Shadows”, “Conquer or Die”


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