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Female Trouble: A Profile of Josie Wreck

Photo:  John Gilhooley

“I’ve got lots of problems/Female troubles…”

Swaying gently in front of a mic, casting sidelong glances at her fingers plodding out a lumbering bassline, Josie Wreck holds the attention of the LGBT Center’s dimly lit audience with “Female Trouble.” The Center, located in Downtown Santa Ana, celebrated a punk and hardcore music event on Saturday in which every single band was trans-fronted.

Wreck is here playing dark, brooding music with her band Popsical. Standing six feet tall in dainty kitten-face flats, and with a roaring open-mouthed laugh, Wreck is the epitome of a big personality. In fact, most of her actions, whether she was insisting on both painted fingernails and video games as a child or focusing on dismantling the patriarchy in her adult life, has been done with an unapologetic attitude.

A few hours later the band will be pronounced officially “dead” on their Facebook page, making this their last show. Fronting a rock band has not always been that easy, as Wreck has learned from her personal experience, especially when you’ve got a few more obstacles to sidestep than your “basic” person.  Continue reading “Female Trouble: A Profile of Josie Wreck”